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  • Our skill based programs are designed to boost your confidence while challenging your body and mind.

    *Aerial Ninjas is an Aerial Circus Silks workout.
    Strengthen, Condition, Stretch and CHALLENGE your body in a SUPER FUN and SAFE environment. We "PLAY" using a combination of Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Circus and of course MARTIAL ARTS! We respect and welcome everyone's individual movement background. Beginner classes are designed to STRENGTHEN your BODY AWARENESS and INCREASE your OVERALL FITNESS level while becoming confident with yourself+the silk. Classes are tailored to the comfort and skill level of each group, give us a call and we can recommend an appropriate time for you!
    We're looking forward to helping you fly!!*

    Go Ninja is presented by Bare Knuckle Murphy's located at 163 Lake Ave. Manchester N.H. CALL OR E-MAIL TO INQUIRE ABOUT OUR OTHER GREAT PROGRAMS!!

 Heather Murphy Dragoiescu

Heather heads the Go Ninja Aerial Circus Arts program. She is a ball of energy, with a smile and a style that will get you out of the chair and into the air.

Program Director - Head Aerial Circus Coach

Heather is a motivating ,positive force with an understanding of movement and an ability to communicate movement and placement to her students. She has studied martial arts since a young age. At age five Heather began to study breakdance, capoiera, acrobatics and clown arts under professional clown and author Brandon Barnette. Her interest in the mechanics of the body were sparked whiles studying classical dance disciplines under the instruction of the late Michelle Leslie of Dance Theatre of Harlem, and under Jose Mateo Dance Theatre of Cambridge. She has completed many training’s including Pilates, yoga, aerial fabric and trapeze. Always eager to grow her knowledge, Heather frequently attends workshops and seminars.

Shaunna Isadore Murphy

Nutritional Science BS, UNH

Nutrition, Health and Wellness Coach

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Shaunna Murphy has been around high performance athletic sports that involve weight lose since she was a little girl. She specializes in health and nutrition for athletes, weight loss, and health improvement. She combines her nutrition and wellness with strength and conditioning and aerial circus arts. She has trained in Martial Arts since the age of two.

Her athletic training expanded under the instruction of Michelle Leslie and Marie Frederique for ballet, tap, jazz, point, and modern dance. She continues her study today of Martial Arts Aerial circus arts, and modern dance. She values the discipline and joy that exercise can bring to ones life.

 Melissa Melhorn Desrosiers

Aerial Dance Coach

Modern Dance Instructor

Melissa’s passion is modern dance. (Modern dance uses the entire body in movements expressive of abstract ideas not bound by the classical rules of ballet; meaning you may see contractions, curves, rolling and sometimes acrobatic movement).

After many years of teaching and choreographing in traditional dance studios, such as Southern New Hampshire Dance Theatre and Dimensions in Dance, Melissa is fulfilling her goal of teaching modern in an athletic environment.

Her role at Go Ninja is to help aerial circus athletes transfer movement from Modern Dance up onto the apparatus. Melissa has a bachelor of arts in modern dance from Butler University.

Kile's kind an postive personality is inspirational! She’ll guid you through her classes with attention to safety, body mechanics and your intentions. She holds a bachelors degree in exercise science and she started her circus training in Germany.

Linda park Murphy

Linda's vision of art is like no other. She has been striving for cirque du soiled before it was even a thing. Being from Norther Maine she wasn't exposed to the European Style Artistic Circus Arts so she created her own brand of funky athletic movement. She sought out experts in a wide range of movement fields and brought them to teach her and her daughters at her Martial Art's Studio. Her dreams of applying her dance, gymnastics and martial arts training to a vertical apparatus have been realized with the Go Ninja program. Read more about Coach Murphy HERE.

Abby Rose

Abby kicks ass all day.
You can learn more about her ass kicking on her website HERE 

Nick Sands

Nick lifts up very large, very heavy things. He likes short walks holding heavy objects and meat.

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